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Anatomy of Eye
The Cornea
The Iris & Pupil
Aqueous Humour
Vitreous Humour
The Lens
The Retina
The Optic Nerve
Cillary Muscle

Eye Anatomy

Eye Anatomy

The human eye is made up of the following important parts

  • Cornea – The cornea is see through and acts like a window, at the front of eye (Read More)
  • Iris – This is the coloured part of human eye (Read More)
  • Pupil - In the middle of the iris is the pupil which controls the amount of light that enters the eye(Read More)
  • Aqueous humour(liquid) – This is a liquid which sits in a chamber behind the cornea (Read More)
  • Vitreous humour(liquid) – This is the clear gel that fills the space between the lens and the retina(Read More)
  • Lens – see through and shaped like a disc, the lens fine tunes the focusing of the eye (Read More)
  • Cillary Muscle – the cillary muscle controls the shape of the lense so that we can see things that are near and far away(Read More)
  • Sclera – It is the white part of the eye and is the outer layer which protects everything inside (Read More)
  • Choroid – The choroid is the layer of the eye that lies between the retina and sclera, its about half centimeter thick (Read More)
  • Retina – The retina is the light sensitive part inside the inner layer of the eye, its job is to turn light into signals about images that the brain can understand (Read More)
  • Optic Nerve – The job of Optic nerve is to deliver the messages from the retina to the brain (Read More)

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