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Anatomy of Eye
The Cornea
The Iris & Pupil
Aqueous Humour
Vitreous Humour
The Lens
The Retina
The Optic Nerve
Cillary Muscle

Eye Anatomy – The Cornea

The human eye’s cornea is the clear front surface and is part of the eyeball wall. It connects to the white part (the sclera) at a junction known as the limbus; and connects to the iris (colored part of the eye) at a point called the angle. The iris blends into the sclera through a mesh-like structure called the trabecular meshwork. The cornea and sclera are made of similar tissue, except that the cornea is transparent and has no blood vessels. It must be completely clear to allow light into the eye unobstructed. When we wear contact lenses, we place them on cornea


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